Saturday, August 05, 2006

First Elevate

I guess it's not my first Elevate, I have been here a couple of times the last year as a guest speaker, but this is my first official Elevate as a staffer.

I can still remember driving up to Elevate the first time I spoke here last summer and I couldn't of been more nervous. We were driving up to IL from KY and I spent the entire drive just worrying. I worried about messing up, not being funny, getting my points wrong, and all that. It was so wild. Tracie just kept saying, don't worry, it will be great. Well, not really nervous this time, just glad to be a part of the team. Basically, I made the most common of mistakes for speaker/teachers...I wasn't confident. I put it all on me and not on God working through me. I have really worked hard the last year making sure that I wasn't being a "tool" and putting all the emphasis on me and not God. Well, I am telling one of my stories tonight..."The Wolfboy". I haven't told it too much, but I am going to tell it tonight. I think it brings out Ps. 119:105.

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