Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Project311 Lunch Gathering

PS...Can you PS in the beginning? Oh well, thanks to Pat Williams for this idea. I saw this on his blog and I was like...I should put it on mine.


I don't want to take up a lot of your time, but you have a month and a few days notice, so right this down and put it in Outlook or iCal as quick as you can.

September 8th, 2006


Faith Lutheran Church
37635 Dequindre Rd
Troy MI 48083

Reasons Not to Attend:

1. It’s too far. Let me be real honest, I hate that reason, but that’s coming from a guy who loves to connect with other youth workers. You have plenty of time to set up a car pool and save money
for gas. Please don’t let this be your reason.

2. I don’t need another Meeting. Maybe, but trust me, you need this one. Local gatherings and
networks are where it’s at, but what a sign of unity when youth workers come together from all over
Metro Detroit. Let’s Unite, Come Together, Encourage Each Other and Pray for one Another.

3. I’m A Tool and I don’t need other youth workers. I was there, actually, I gave myself the award for
world’s biggest tool. Back in the day, I only wanted to “network” to make myself feel better, to talk
numbers, to get my name out there and hear myself talk. Then I was slapped in the face, not
literally, by my youth ministry professor and she let me know that I was a tool and I needed to cut it
out. When I did, I realized that by building connections with other youth workers was one of the
healthiest decisions I have ever made in ministry.

4. It’s my day off. Ok, real touchy subject here. Yes, days off are EXTREMELY important, but can you
switch it, just for that week? Just asking.

Reasons to Attend:

1. We Love You, Pray for You and we are Concerned for you.

2. Our dream is to see all of the Metro Detroit Youth Workers come together. All be in one room, at
once and encourage each other. Pray for each other. Be concerned with each other’s needs
and let’s see what will happen. Our dream is to not just see Suburban youth workers come together
but Urban as well. Full and part time and volunteer youth workers.

3. Hopefully you will leave encouraged & blessed. I don’t know about you, but this last year has been
the most stressful of my life. Quiet moments with my Father, Laughter filled moments with my family
and moments I have spent with many of you have been extremely uplifting during these stressful times. So, please consider.

4. We are putting a lot of effort and hard work into a lunch for you and we would love for you to
attend, that’s it, plain and simple.

More Information to Come

In the coming weeks, you will get more information about how we are going to fill this exciting two hours of your life, so keep a look out. If you can help or would like to help, please email me at jason@project311.com.


1. If you are going to NYWC and you haven’t bought your ticket yet, this is for you. Youth Specialties has given Project311 a special rate to offer to you. That’s right, YOU! If your not buying a ton of tickets, this should save you some money. Our rate is $275 compared to the regular rate of $350. So, if you would like that rate, please email Jason RAITZ (ha, you get it, Raitz, Rates?) and I can give you the information you will need.

2. Thank you for your support during our transition. Many of you have called and emailed and it has
meant a lot. Thank you.

Please know you are being prayed for!


Jason & Project311

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