Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Night Before A Trip

Well, it's 12:40am and it's the night before a long week away from home. We are traveling together as a family to East Troy, Wisconsin to Camp Timber-Lee for there Jr. high summer camp. I get the honor of being the guest speaker and I get to bring my family.

Earlier in the week, I think when we were in Chicago, I was thinking to myself..."Jason, I want you to go to bed early and have everything packed and ready to go". That sounded nice, but it just didn't happen. Tracie went to bed early with a terrible headache and I am trying to get all the laundry done. So, in between loads, I am doing a little blogging.

I am looking forward to getting to know the staff at Timber-Lee, spending a week with my family at camp, and driving through Chicago on the way back home. Can't wait. Now to fold whites, ah, I hate folding socks!

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