Thursday, August 03, 2006

Lack of Blogging due to Craziness

Wow, I have lots and lots and lots to blog about, but it has been crazy the last few days, scratch that, the last few weeks, scratch that, the last few months. You get the idea. I am looking forward to not traveling as much and I can't till my family can get out here in Chicago.

I was driving away yesterday and to see those faces and hands waving good-bye, it was hard. I would love to get isight, or something like that someday, so I could see them and they could see me. I am definately looking forward to the fall, barely any travel. I may only be checking out a conference, but still working on that. I have no retreats scheduled, no trips, no nothing. And I can't wait till next summer because I will not be traveling all summer! Yeah, Yippee, Super-Duper!

I arrived yesterday and had an incredible greeting from the team here at Elevate. Can I just say what an honor it is to be a part of this team, they are awesome. I really look forward to getting to know them and being apart. Next week we leave for summer camp at Springhill (IND.) and so that will be a great time to get to know them and students. We get back on Friday the 11th and the leadership summit will be taking place, so I may stay that night so I don't have drive another 5 hours and then I will leave Saturday morning and race to Detroit to hug my kids and my beautiful wife.

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