Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oh yeah

Aw, yes. My least favorite part of my mission trips to Mexico. I was actually blessed a few years to be the person who got to clean the bucket out. What an honor.


Stef said...

meeeeeemorieeessss.... light the corners of my miiiiiind.

that's one of the many things i will never forget about my missions trips to mexico.

thankfully, i never had to clean out the bucket though. ;-)

Dana Kidder said...

um...Jason? miss you.

wes said...

We used to take Mexico mission trips every summer at my old church. We need to do one with Elevate.

Anonymous said...

You last posted August 15th.

What happened dude?

Did you die???

johnny scott said...

did you quit blogging? what happened? do I not have your new blog address?