Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What I would like to blog about

Due to time issues, here is what I would like to blog about:

  • If I picked the speakers/breakouts for NYWC.
  • Review of my first week at my new church.
  • Elevate's summer camp.
  • Metro Detroit Youth Workers Lunch coming Sept. 8th, 2006.
  • How much I love John Ortberg.
  • I shot a shotgun at camp and now I have a bruise.
  • Why I can't wait for the National Youth Workers Convention! (We are going to Cincy)
  • Moving is hard stuff!
  • I miss my kids!
  • I miss my wife!
  • I miss my wife more!
  • I miss my mom.
  • With out my families help, we would be lost.
  • How amazing the Elevate staff is.
  • I don't like Chicago's talk radio, yet. Or the newspapers. They don't have enough highlights about Detroit teams.
Well, that's some of the list. Wow. Crazy. Neato, Super.

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Dana Kidder said...

I'm going to Cincy too.