Sunday, February 19, 2006

David Crowder Band

Tonight, James, Jason and I met Jason Shinn and his buddy Mark H. at Eastern Michigan University for the David Crowder Band and Third day concert. It was worth the trip and the cold weather.

I felt bad for leaving my wife though. Our youngest son Zach is still really sick and it's a little tricky with him. When he's sick, he doesn't eat and when he doesn't eat his levels get all messed up. He has a genetic condition called PKU and he is on a very strict low to no protein diet. All that to say, it's been 4-5 days that his eating hasn't been good and it's starting to show in his mood. When his levels are off, he gets moody or grumpy quicker, one of the fabulous side affects of PKU. On top of that, Bobby is still sick and when she was bringing the kids home from my moms, both boys threw up. What makes that even more fun, is that our pipes are still froze and she couldn't just throw their coats in the washer. Our laundry tub sink has a little water pressure, so she had to hand wash them in that sink.

So, probably bad move to leave her and I feel bad. She said it was alright and gave me her blessing, but I still feel bad.

Other than that, Crowder was his typical self. We were sitting by some Crowder newbies and they were cracking up with his antics. Oh yeah, Third Day was there too. A couple of years ago I loved them, they are still great, but I am more of a Crowder fan now.

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