Sunday, February 19, 2006

What a Great Weekend

This weekend couldn't be better! Hanging out with family, trying to keep warm in our -9 weather, watching Thomas the Train and Barbie the Nutcracker, it's a whooping good time. The boys and I have a blast fighting, we practice punching and kicking, that's fun. We also love playing hockey in the kitchen, that's real fun. Bekah loves dressing and redressing Morgan, and I love to watch. It's almost like we are camping out, with electricity and heat in our house.

We still don't have water and were making the best. Tracie's incredible, she heated a bunch of water last night to do the dishes and all that stuff, but our pipes our still frozen. The good news is we got Mr. Roto Rooter out here to snake our sewer and we no longer have the back up problem. YES.

I just don't understand why kids don't what to sleep when their sick. Zach is up on the hour, everyhour the last 3 nights. Basically last night from 4pm to 12am we sat the chair and cuddled. That's all he wanted, hey, I'm not complaining. I am not looking forward to the day when their too big to cuddle. We missed church today, they would throw us out if we rolled in with 3 sniffly, coughy, running eyes kids.

Finally, in this really awkward post, I think my dad I are going to try to crawl under my house today and re-ramp my pipes with a special kind of heat tape. Here's the hitch, the space we have to get in, not very big. So, we will see.

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