Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My Princess is 6 years old!

My girl, Rebekah Sue turned 6 today. We picked her up from school and went to Chuckie Cheese, what a crazy place. Just about everybody else with kids 6 and under where there, crazy times.

I love her. I love her smile, I love her eyes, I love her hugs, I love her laugh, I love watching her do her ballet, I love hearing her learn, I love hearing her count, and in Spanish, I love hearing from her teacher that she is always super friendly to everybody in class, I love how every now and then she will still cuddle with me, I love watching her play with her dolls, I love how she is a little mommy to Zach, I love her! I am absolutely in love!

I can never forget that day at the hospital when she was delivered, I almost feel like my whole life changed in an instant. It was like I was going one way, and then all of sudden, oops wrong way, time to go this way. I can't believe 6 years have gone so quickly.

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