Saturday, February 18, 2006

What a Cold Day in Detroit

What a crazy night! Went to the lock-in, left about 2:30am, you read that right. Oh yeah, got pulled over for speeding. My bad, he let me go due to my Gloriously clean record. Got home around 2:45am, still very awake, could of been the pizza at 1:45am, who knows. Got on some blogging, lights out.

Thought for sure Tracie would let me sleep me in, I was wrong. Zach comes in around 7:45am, good morning Zach, I love your running nose kisses. Then comes Tracie, she had some more Glorious news. She says and I quote..."Jason, sexy husband, who is so smart and insightful, when I turn on the faucets nothing happens". Huh, that's weird, because I think water should come out, actually I know water should come out. Great, what's going on. Well, last night was the coldest it's been this winter and our pipes are FROZEN! THAT'S JUST GREAT! SON OF #$^&, YOU GOT TO BE $^&^*((*U&, SERIOUSLY I DON'T (*&*%&^.

Now just so you know, I really didn't swear. I am actually getting ready to post about some of my thoughts on the ever growing trend among evangelicals to use profane language, man, that sounded smrt!

So, there you have it. Our pipes are frozen and to make matters worse we have a little water running in our laundry tub and that's caused our clean out in the back yard to over flow, so we had to call a plumber, hope he gets here soon. I really hope he will work for back rubs, because that's about all we have.

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