Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Make that all Five

Well, what a weekend. SpringHill Camp, 700 Jr. high students, 4 talks, snow, El Pepe and Tracie finally got sick.

Make that all five! The kids are feeling great, I am just tired from speaking all weekend and that's because I am a big pansy. But, Tracie finally got the sick bug that we all had. I think it's because she could actually relax at camp and so Saturday night was pretty bad for her. Chills, fever, headache all that stuff. She could relax because we were kidless.

Because she's sick, that meant that I had to stay home from the Willow Student conference and take care of her and the kids. I am bummed, but taking care of them is my first priority, of course. I was looking forward to hanging out with some friends and checking out the conference and I always love spending time at Mecca.

Lot's to post about in the next couple of days, how springhill went, the 311 youth workers lunch coming up, starting at a new church, the future of 311, thoughts on communicating to students in 2006, and some other sweet topics, if you know what I mean.

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