Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What a Beautiful Day!

We have water! The kids no longer have fevers! What a great night. It's amazing the weight that feels lifted off when your water returns.

The best story, I called a few plumbers and they wouldn't come and then I found one that would, but he let me know it was going to be a lot. Then I call my friend Chad, Chad's like I will come over tonight and fix it. And He did! He and his partner, Miguel did it in no time and they fixed my garage door opener. Wow, we can breathe a little easier.

I do have to say that Tracie and I have a ton of people in our lives who care for us deeply and love us like we can't imagine. Like...My parents, Bob and Shelly. Tracie spent all day over their doing laundry and they always help us out. Tracie's parents, Ron and Sue. They are watching the kids this weekend so Tracie can come with me to SpringHill. Dave Kurt, that guy called me tonight and prayed for me on the phone, meant a ton! Chad and his wife Janis for allowing him to come over at 8pm to fix my pipes. My friend Josh called me today and offered their house if we needed it. My buddy Jason Shinn has been helping me write talks for this weekend and kept asking me if he could do anything else. Then there's Rod, who just keeps helping us. Todd and Bev, their giving hearts blow me away. Tim, who is always an encouragement. I can't even talk about my buddy Joe, there's not enough room. Then there is my long time buddy Tom, who is always there. Jimmy, that guy would give me the shirt off his back. Mike Krick, what a great friend, always have a blast talking with him. I know I am missing a ton of people, but these are the people that I have had contact with these last two days. The list would be forever long if I went back a week.

I am so thankful for people that reguraly show me God's love and I pray that I would show God's love to others like they do to me.

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