Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I love Johnny!

Johnny Scott and I met a few years ago at this very summit and it just so happens that we are bunking together again, how crazy is that? Crazy I tell you.

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Alright, I know the photo does not fit. It was either super small or extra large and I choose large and in charge.


anonymous said...

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johnny scott said...

Hey bro! Johnny here! Great hanging with you again this week man. I would personally say this has been the best year of this event thus far for me. I always appreciate your input and will be praying that God rocks Project311 this year. " . . . skyrocket . . . "

Jason Raitz said...

Hey anonymous thanks for the input, but I really love the look of my site, but I will check out some more templates. I checked out yours, but there isn't much there.

Dave said...

i gotta second anonymous man on your template... my mom likes it though. I'm impressed by the boldness and confidence in your heterosexuality to post a picture of you the man you're sharing a room with - arm-in-arm, just after you profess "I love Johnny!"

Dana Kidder said...

i'm pretty sure that's just a shadow, and not your fly down on national internet, so don't worry about it.