Thursday, May 18, 2006

Updated Summer Speaking Schedule

June 4...Elevate...Student Ministry of 2|42
  • Elevate

  • June 9-11...Albany Episcopal Diocese Youth Convention
  • Youth Convention

  • June 12...Kensington Church Volunteer Leader Celebration
  • Volunteer Leader Celebration

  • June 18-24...Camp Timber-Lee
  • Camp Timber-Lee

  • June 25...Elevate...Student Ministry of 2|42
  • Elevate

  • June 26-28...Student Impact Retreat
  • Student Impact Retreat

  • July 10-14....Summer Celebration Summer Camp
  • Summer Celebration

  • July 15-21....Mission Trip, Matamoros, MX
  • Adventures in Mission

  • July 22-23...Lakewood church Student Ministry
  • LakeWood Church

  • July 24-29....Camp Velocity Summer Camp
  • Kenyon College

  • August 16-19...Shepherd's Gate Student Ministry Summer Retreat
  • Shepherd's Gate

  • Well, it's not as hectic as last summer, I think. Last summer I made it to: Ft. Worth, TX, Tampa, FL, Detroit, MI, Gambier, OH, Inex, KY, S. Barrington, IL, and Tijuana, MX. The best part was that Tracie and the kids were able to come with me about 60% of the time, this summer, I am not sure how much they will be able to come.

    My sister-n-law decided to get married in July, so that kind throws a major wrench in some flight arrangements.

    Looking at the schedule, I just feel blessed that youth pastors and organizations would allow me to partner with them.

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