Monday, May 15, 2006

What a Day!

I am here in beautiful Estes Park, CO and I do have to say it is beautiful. Now, I am not....Let me repeat that...I AM NOT a nature guy, but I can sure admire the beauty of this place. It's crazy to see Elk everywhere and to watch everybody fly fish.

The first day at the Jr. High Pastor's Summit has gone really well. This morning we started with introductions and life updates and got through about half of the group. I was picked to share this morning and I just simply shared that this last year has been tough, probably the toughest of my life.

We had the afternoon off and as most hiked, fished, went into town...I took a nap. It was the king of all naps I do have to say.

On an interesting note, I ended up bunking with Johnny Scott. We shared a room together a few years ago and this year we ended up picking the same room. Huh.

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