Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pretty quit Blog week cuz...

That's because we found Black Mold in our house, yes that's right, Black Mold. Let me back up.

Our middle son, Bobby, has been complaining for months about headaches and he has been taking naps all the time. We have had in for some testing and they have found out so far that his allergies are double what they should be, but they still couldn't figure out the headaches and tiredness.

Here are some of my favorite bobby pictures.

So, I decide to finally refinish our hard floors last Friday. I call up my buddy Chad and he heads over and we start sanding. We get done around 2am and then we put down the first coat of varnish, we finally get done at 4am. Crazy. All of this has to be done. It will help us keep our house cleaner for Bobby's allergies. I spend all day Saturday finishing and then at 11pm I finish and head to bed. In between coats on Saturday, I decide to rip up Bobby's carpeting. A long time ago we bought hard wood flooring to lay down in his room, again to help with his allergies. Well, as I ripped up the carpeting, I find a ton of black mold. It gets worse, I find the mold directly underneath his bed.

Well, I definitely get the award for "worse feeling dad". I felt awful! These last 8 months he has been complaining of headaches and he has complained alot about laying in his bed.

So, it gets better. On Sunday I was speaking at church for both services and then I had Elevate that night. So, a weekend of no sleep and a ton of projects at home to be completed.

It keeps getting better. Chad traces our black mold to a monster leak in the shower, so you got it, we had to rip out the shower and get the rest of the mold. So then Chad totally blesses us and helps us get our shower back in order.

What a stinkin crazy week. Add a couple of minor family emergencies, and our house tore a part.

But, at least we found the mold and took care of it.

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