Monday, May 08, 2006

5 days, just 5 days

In five days I get the honor of attending the Jr high Pastors Summit in Estes Park, CO. I got an invite the last two years and I have been looking forward to this for a couple of months now. I have to admit, I was majorly intimidated the first year I attended. Wow, did I feel out of place, big time. But it ended up being an incredible experience and I learned a ton. Like, at the time I was about to go to 3 weekend services for our Jr. high and I got to spend 2 days talking to guys/gals who had already been doing the multiple service format, very helpful.

Plus, the last two years it was held in San Diego, CA, one of my favorite places on planet earth. A few years ago I got a phone call from a church in San Diego that wanted me to be their Jr. high pastor, that was tough to say no.

At last year's Summit Chap Clark presented and it was awesome! He had just written HURT and he spent all day teaching us.

So, this year's is in Estes Park, CO, which is stinkin beautiful I hear, but I am bummed it's not in San Diego.

Better yet, someone donated my airfare, what a Huge Blessing!

Then, it gets better. After the Summit, I am going to spend some time at Group in Loveland, CO.

I tried to see if Greg Stier, from Dare 2 Share, had some time to hang out, but he's on vacation with his family, bummer.


Sean said...

Dude...I am really looking forward to the summit. I need a break right now.

I haven't been by your blog (or any others really) for awhile, so I needed to drop by to read and say hi. Glad to hear that you got the black mold taken care of!

Looking forward to spending some time with you chatting and hanging out. See you on Sunday!

Jason Raitz said...

I can't wait as well. See you then!