Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bad Back Day

I can't figure it out, typically when it gets hot, my back feels good. But lately, it's been bad. I know I sound like a whiner, but here's the story.

When I was 12 I was riding my bike, jumped a curb and smash, a car hit me. I still remember the car for some reason, which those people that know me, know that I have horrible memory...(Except for useless baseball stats and what youth pastor is at what church). So, the car, it was a Ford Thunderbird and it was gray.

I jumped the curb and as the bike landed the driver didn't see me and I crashed right into his front bumber, got swung around and somehow got caught on his passenger side mirror. The crazy thing is, he didn't stop, so he drug me about 20 feet as I was pounding on his passenger side window. It sounds worse than it was, I bet he wasn't even going 18 miles an hour. But even at that speed, his car bent my front tire and bent my handlebars.

As I landed, I still remember hitting the ground. It hurt. I remember walking home and my mom was at my grandma's and I remember saying, "Mom, please don't be mad, but a car just hit me". So, that was the start of my back.

I have been through physical therapy three times, went to a chiropractor, have had all types of scans and it still hurts. In the winter and spring it's the worse, those are tough "tying the shoes" days.

I also was not smart with my back in my teens and early twenties. I roofed for awhile, have always hauled sound/lighting equipment and not always have lifted the correct way.

What sucks the worse about a bad back is how much pain it is to play with my kids on the floor.

The crazy thing is, I can make the situation better. The more weight I loose, the better my back feels. If my back feels like this at 30, I don't want to imagine 40.

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