Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What a Day

Yesterday was a pretty funny day, ha, ha. I went to the Mac store, lusted over a MacBook Pro and an ipod, was kicked out, understandable. Then I headed over to the "cheesy Christian stuff" capitol of the world, Family Christian Store. Now don't get me wrong, I really do love Family Christian. I just hate the fact that they sell really dumb stuff. Like...Test-a-mints, Purpose Driven Mugs, Jesus bobbleheads (do they? Probably not), and all those great Christian t-shirts. Anyways, I am sucker for books and I have wanted a couple for awhile now, and I made the plunge. I saved up my pastor discount cards and cashed in some bottles and I bought:

Chazown...A different way to see your life by Craig Groeschel.

It has a crazy cover, but looked pretty intriguing to me. Craig is the pastor of LifeChurch and according to Outreach Magazine, the 15th most influential church in America. He has a crazy and I mean crazy, multi-site church but...all the sites are video sites, meaning the sermon/message is him in every location (much like North Points multi-sites). And they put his entire message on line for free, with the ppt. For a guy like me, who is not that creative, it's very helpful for me to borrow his talks, if you know what I mean (wink!?). Oh the website...
  • Life Church

  • And I bought a copy of "The Irresistible Revolution" by Shane Claiborne for my buddy Jason Shinn. His surprise birthday party was last night but didn't go, whoops. If I had the money, I would buy this book for everyone close to me, I would, but that's a whole lot of bottles.

    So, funny day. Tracie dropped off the boys out at my work, because her and Bekah had to go to a dress fitting way out west for her sister's wedding. The cool thing about having an office in a Fitness club is being able to take the kids swimming whenever we want, yeah, I know your jealous. So, the boys and I went on a little nature walk outside first and then hit the pool. It was a blast, they are so much fun in the pool.

    We stopped at Wendy's on the way home and things got interesting. For some reason my boys are climbing everything, I think it may be a condition they have, maybe it's something in the water, who knows. But it took forever to order and I put Zach on the counter at one point to help stop him from climbing and before I could stop him, he reached around and messed with the screen and he totally screwed up our order. Then while carrying the tray to the table I dropped a drink, made a huge mess and went everywhere. Then I realized Zach needed to be changed and I thought it was the kind that needed to be changed now, if you know what I mean. We went into the Men's room and we were greeted with an over-flowing toilet, water everywhere. So, I took both boys back out to the car and changed Zach. And, he didn't need to be changed.

    So, by the time we got back to our food it was cold and pop was still everywhere. Funny day, Funny day.


    Pat said...

    Wow, new books! Next time your on our side of town stop in and I'll take you out and buy you another new book. It will be like an investement I'm making into you...

    Tell us how this new book is too, looks interesting.

    johnny scott said...

    straight up