Wednesday, May 31, 2006

9 years it is!

Well, I can hardly believe it, but today is our 9 year Wedding Anniversary! Yippee! Super-Duper! I can't believe how fast it goes. It amazes me that 9 years ago, our ceremony and reception were over by now and we were getting ready to head out for our honeymoon.

I wish I had some wedding pictures on my computer to post, but these early Jason & Tracie will have to do. The picture of me in a Tux was taken before my buddy's wedding and it was the day I proposed to Tracie.

We were way too young, but at we got married anyway and our ceremony was incredible. Tracie was Gorgeous and as she started walking down the aisle, my heart lept so many times I almost fell over. All I remember thinking was "What am I doing, doesnt' she know that she could get someone a lot better than me"! And that's true, I am so honored and amazed that she fell in love with me.

Our reception was a blast. My buddy's jazz band played and our parents blessed us with a great reception. We were just going to have the reception at the church I worked at, but they wouldn't allow us. First they wanted to charge us for rental fees and if that wasn't bad enough, they didn't allow dancing. How funny is that?

The only thing I would differently about our wedding is our honeymoon. We had a great honeymoon, but we went to the Baseball Hall of Fame, a Baltimore Orioles game and drove by many other baseball stadiums. I wish I would of taken her away to somewhere she would of loved to go.

Next year I am. I am going to try to save for a year and for our 10 year anniversary, I am going to do something special.

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Len said...

That's a GREAT honeymoon, what'd you get her for a 1st annivesary gift, an lawn mower? :-) My wife does love baseball so she probably would have liked that but New Orleans was closer.