Wednesday, May 31, 2006

If Money Weren't an Option

I would spoil Tracie like crazy. She is the kind of person that NEVER buys anything for herself. She would rather get stuff for the kids and for me. So, if I had money, I would spoil her like crazy.

I would...

Buy her an mini-van.
Buy her new clothes.
Buy her a new pair of tennis shoes. I won't tell you how old hers are, but it's embarrassing.
Buy her a bike.
Buy her an under the counter dvd player.
Buy her a MacBook Pro.
Buy her a Stove. Our stove is a little unsafe.
Buy her a new bed.
Buy her the diamond earings I promised her on our wedding night and the ones she has never asked for.

If I did all this, she would probably talk me out of it to buy these things for someone who really needs them. What can I say...She is incredible.

1 comment:

Alan Mercer said...

you mean to tell me the MacBook Pro would be for HER? I'm thinking this is one of those "I'll buy her what I really want" gifts.