Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What I love about Tracie

I Beautiful she is. I love how Pure she is. I love how Forgiving she is. I love Amazing she is. I love Understanding she is. I love how Wise she is. I love how Incredible she is. I love how Accepting she is. I love how Quiet she is. I love how Loud she is.

I love...Her Heart. Her Hands. Her Love. Her Love for Her Savior. Her Love for Her kids. Her Love for Family. Her Love for Others. Her Love for Kids. Her Love for the Hurting. Her Wisdom. Her discernment. Her Protection. Her Eyes. Her hugs.

I love...Watching her play with our kids. Watching her hold a baby. Watching her read a book. Watching her teach a class. Watching her get uncomfortable.

I love that she tried to hide my Anchorman DVD and didn't succeed. I love her.

I am so thankful that God would send her into my life and allow me to be her husband. It is a great honor and a propelled.

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