Friday, May 26, 2006

First Summer Tour Meeting

Yesterday we had our first Summer Tour Meeting and now I am more excited than ever! Yippee, Super-Duper, Neat-O!

Well, anyways, we have a lot to do. But it was fun brainstorming and talking through all of the details for our first Project311 summer tour. One of our board members affectionately named our tour, the "Summer of Love Tour". Nice, thanks Dave.

Please be praying because we have some significant financial support to raise and we have still have some items we have to nail down.

The Checklist:

...Finish brainstorming/programming Summer Celebration
...Present Programs to Summer Celebration Team
...Nail down (2) more projectors, rear screens, and a video switcher
...Get Media Shout donated to Project311
...Find another laptop we can use for the 3 week tour
...Track down a couple of sub-woofers we can borrow
...Track down some processors we can borrow for the tour
...Get all of the lighting gear in one place and repair
...Buy airfare for the Matamoros, MX portion of the tour
...Raise funds or get someone to let us borrow a truck to haul our trailor down to Ohio for two summer camps
...Film, & edit a few videos for Summer Celebration and Camp Velocity
...Keep researching new stories, finish outlines, and finish talks. I need 46 seperate talks for this summer, fun!
...Get all the graphics done and loaded on computers

Why you ask are trying to borrow all this stuff? Because we want to bless these camps, that's it. Instead of us renting all the equipment, our thought is to borrow the stuff and then the camps can use more money on students, rather than production.

We'll see if it works.


Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that God blesses your Summer and that God uses you in huge ways to bless all the students you will have the privilege to speak to! Cant wait to read all about it. God bless!
-Kristi Kurtz

Anonymous said...

Wow that sounds awesome! Stay safe guys and I know you're all gonna have a blast!

-Aaron A