Monday, April 10, 2006

Battle Cry Night # 1

Some quick observations about the first night at Battle Cry...

1. Ford Field is amazing! Our tickets were on the floor so we actually got to be on the turf. The first thing I did was to sprint (or at least for me a fast walk) through the end zone, I leaped into the air and pretended to catch a touchdown pass. I dove and all and then I did turf angels for awhile.

2. The Pastor of DWO did the opening prayer, and told everybody to raise their fist in the air. He told us that's the battle prayer position. He prayed with incredible passion, crazy passion. I thought Christ was going to come back, it was a very powerful moment.

3. Delerious led worship. I haven't heard them for a long time and it was different. Different good, but very different. Then I saw the Worship Couple. You know the kind, the girl has her hands raised high, and the guy has his fingers, hands and arms wrapped around her. I wonder who he was worshipping?

4. Stage…Freakin sweet, back wall was a video wall and it was sweet. They had a bunch of lcd screens and subs everywhere.
Lots and lots of speakers, the rigging for the stage was sweet. I notice that kind of stuff, I am weird like that. They always do a great job with the set and production, it was huge. It was so loud that I had to leave during a couple of moments.

5. Interesting moment at the end of the night. Ron explained that you don't receive Christ as your savior, but you die to your old self and surrender your entire life to him. So, he asked students to express their desire to die to their old self by shouting out "I want the cross." So it was quiet for a little bit, then all of sudden kids just starting screaming all over the place. It was wild.

6. I asked my kids what they remembered from Ron's hour and half talk laced through drama's, videos, and dance routines. One girl said, I really don't remembered anything because he was so boring. Another one said he said the same thing over and over. His talk that night was on the prodigal son and his premise was that in order for you to start a Battle Cry, you must get out of the Pig Pen. They had people slopping around in a pig pen to illustrate the point. He did say one thing that intrigued me about that story. He said the father was willing to open his arms to his son until his son got out of the pig pen and left his old ways. Huh, interesting.

7. Ron also told the kids who screamed and got on their knees that he was proud of them for taking a stand and for being committed.

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