Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why do I hate MySpace?

I do, I really do, I hate it. Maybe hate is a strong word, I have to be careful, because my friend Dave will pick up on this, and will never let me forget it, so...Maybe I just dislike MySpace, or maybe MySpace is not for me. I mean, I like the concept, heck, I have a blog, but I just don't like MySpace. I really don't know why, I think it can become a huge ministry tool, but it's just not for me. Now, I have a MySpace, I have had one for a year, I just haven't let anybody know.

I may dislike it because:

The half naked women, or maybe I like that part, but I shouldn't. I got a MySpace request the other and I so opened it and poof, there was one of those Naughty girl pictures and at just that moment a bunch of people walked into our church office, yeah, explaining to do I did.

It just seems people are a lot more vulgar on MySpace. Now, I have a little battle going on in my life with vulgarity. Maybe somewhere down deep, I really don't have much a problem with it, but I still haven't balanced that feeling with scripture, I am working on that. But, out of deep respect and love for my wonderful wife, I try to not be vulgar. She hates it, and actually loathes it, that may be the wrong word, but she doesn't understand it. Like, why do we need to be vulgar? I understand that, I really do. Typcially the only time I am vulgar or swear is when I am super mad or it helps my cause, so I don't know. It just seems that people are much more dirtier on MySpace. SIDE NOTE: I am a youth pastor, I also do a lot of speaking and if I was vulgar on my blog and students read that, is that being a good example? I know, just something I am wrestling with.

It's Addicting. My buddy Aaron actually wrote a blog about this on his MySpace and hit home this point. People become addicted to it, because of their friend lists and how large it is, and how many comments they get. It's almost like some people are getting their self worth from it.

My Mac hates it. Seriously, everytime I open it up, I get that darn little swirling ball. It hates it.

Ok, so I know none of these are good enough reasons to hate it, but maybe I just don't understand what all the fuss is about.

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Phil said...

i'm w/ you jason. i think my biggest problem though is that almost everyone i know that has a myspace, still has no idea what a blog is. working w/ middle school students, all myspace is for is to tell people how much cuter they are than i am and that i <3 them sooooo much.
i like hearing about their interests and finding out the music they like, but i'd much rather hear about their thoughts, passions, and random things that come to mind in the blog section.

oh...and i'm w/ you on the pictures thing. i don't like 13 year old girls taking pictures of themselves hoping people will think they are 18.