Thursday, April 06, 2006

The first Outreach Event

So, I think this is a picture from our first "outreach event". We did the good old fashioned lock-in and it was old fashion, I will tell you that. If I remember right, I had a 101 fever and I was sick as a dog. We planned for something like 20 kids and 80 showed up and within the first 20 minutes we had a fight and a broken door. Yeah, not a wood door, but one of those full glass doors.

No programming, no real plan and I might have them sing Pharoh, Pharoh. Yeah, you know it, lame. I think I may have preached the gospel and students raised their hands to accept Christ.

I just used two phrases that are giving me a lot of thinking time lately..."Preached the gospel" and "Raised their hands".

I don't know even know where to begin. For some reason, every time I hear the word Preach, I just shutter. It's like someone is running their fingernails on a black board. I don't know if I think down deep that the American Church and American pastors have taken this word to give them liberty to speak at people and tell them how to respond to the gospel, I don't know.

Then, their is the whole raise your hand deal, I don't even have time. I know there is a great post about this on Marko's website, but I am too tired to link it here.

Anyways, the night was successful on a couple of fronts. Students were loved, the associate pastor had to get out of bed to fix the door, we ate a crazy amount of ice cream and I think it was the first time I held my wife's hand (that was before we were even dating). Yeah, you got it, she was one of my adult leaders. YOU KNOW IT!

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