Sunday, July 09, 2006

Couldn't of done it without Todd & Dave

Can I even begin to express how thankful I am for these two men in my life...well, I am going to try. They drove down with us today and helped us unload. It was huge.

Dave is the Chairman of the Board for Project311 and Todd is also a board member. I met Dave a few years at a camp I was speaking at and a mutual friend re-introduced us. I met Todd while I was the Jr. high pastor at NorthRidge church and his daughter was in my jr. high group and I worked with his wife at the church.

Anyways, I love these guys. They have been an incredible blessing to me and my family. They both have continually gone out of their way to see how we were doing, ask tough questions, speak grace into my life and flat out take care of us.

If I were to type out a list of all the ways they have blessed/helped/provided for my family and Project311 , it would take many much more multiple posts. Let me just say, they are both amazing and I pray for them and their families daily.

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