Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Like Cheese

Call me a "Tool" but Project311 made some T-Shirts with some of the stories/phrases I use in the comedy stories I tell. One of them, which I don't think is that funny, is the "I Like Cheese" story. I just don't get it. But kids who have heard the story ask me to tell it the next time they see me, it's crazy. Anyways, it's one of our best selling shirts. The top selling shirt you ask? Well, that's "El Pepe" of course.

**Disclaimer. I know Tony Morgan said not to sell anything on your blog, but here goes. If you would like to support Project311, we have a wonderful line of T-Shirts for sell. Just a hint, wink!

1 comment:

Kirk said...

"I like Cheese?" I haven't heard your story but I wrote "The Cheese Song" It's the one by me on iTunes