Thursday, July 06, 2006

Fingers are crossed

Well, we might have something...A place to live that is. It's more than we want to spend, but we figure to be 10 minutes away from church would be worth it. I think it's NorthWest of the church and it's a nice little neighborhood.

Right now we are a one car family and the other houses we have looked at are 25-40 minutes away from the church, and almost cost what this one does. So we figure we could live farther and spend more on gas, or save on gas and live closer with car.

On a sad note, gas prices are much higher here. I paid 2.83 in Detroit before I left and I just spent 3.33 for a whopping total of 76.77 to fill up the Tahoe, ouch!

So, we are close. We love the house and it would be perfect, so we are praying.


Len said...

I won't complain. . . I won't complain as much about having to pay 2.68 per gallon anymore. Threw a prayer up for you tonight bro about the house.

Kristi Kurtz said...

Praying for you guys! I am so excited for the plans God has in store for you and Tracie and your sweet and beautiful children!