Friday, July 14, 2006

Packing up and heading out

Well, that week went by quick! Seems like yesterday we were unloading and now we are getting to leave. I would of blogged more but for some reason the University's wireless kept kicking me off the wireless and I had to keep going back on and that happened every two minutes. I think it's because my compuer is a Dell. Never had that problem with my ibook, never.

But, what a great week. Really no was great, worship went really well, the talks went great, great response from students was great, great feedback from youth pastors and the Summer Celebration staff told us they were really happy.

Now it's time to head out. Our good buddy Jason Shinn drove down to pick us up.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jason,
Dude I heard you talk about your blog at celebration, and here it is, I found it. Wow! this past week has been amazing. Cool blog, sorry about your iBook loss!