Sunday, July 09, 2006

We are Here! But...

Lot's of pictures to come, but we have arrived at University of Miami of Ohio! We unloaded, and we are about 45% done with set up, not to shabby.

We could not of done it without Todd and Dave, two Project311's board members. Todd drove us down and pulled the trailer and helped unload, and Dave, well, what can I say. His phone guided us here with some mad GPS and his muscles unloaded many boxes.

But...I still don't have a truck to take the trailer across Ohio for our next camp, uggh. Will work on that tomorrow.

This is really exciting! The only thing that could make this camp better, is if my family was here. Man, I am bummed. But, they have to get ready for my sister-n-laws wedding. So, I will call every 10 minutes.

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