Thursday, July 20, 2006

Great trip with my Dad

Well, that was a quick trip to the NorthWest side of ChiTown. It would of been a blast to see the cub's play, but I don't think we would of got it in. I have been so busy and there has been so much going on, that it really hasn't sunk in that we are moving and starting a new position. Well, it's sinking in. The toughest part of the move is being 5 hours away from family. My parents are my best friends and I love living close to them. So, it's tough thinking about not golfing with my dad every Sunday and having dinner over there whenever we want. But, it's great to know they love us and support us.

My dad loved the neighborhood we are moving into and my prayer is I can get them move out there. My mom is almost is done with her Masters degree and my dad's work has some offices in IL, so we'll see.

Seldom known fact about my dad is that he builds furniture. Great furniture. He built Bekah's cradle, her bed, a blanket chest for Tracie, a hutch and the list goes on and on. He's one of the guys who has incredible hands and can do anything with them (fix, build, craft, etc). My dream and prayer is that my dad could quit his job and build furniture full time.

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