Thursday, July 20, 2006


This is Chad & Janice, who I went to the movies with the other night. I have known Chad for about 7 years and I have known Janice for just about 1 year. I first met Chad because I brought his band, Son of Adam, in for one of our youth group events. Son of Adam was great and they even got a song played on the hit WB show, Smallville. Anyways, I love these people. Janice grew up in East Africa and I love hearing her heart and stories about Africa. Well, we are at lunch the other day and she says to me "I can't listen to my pastor speak after hearing you" (ok, kind of toolish of me to repeat that) but it was a great compliment. Then, Chad says, "If you start a church someday, I will lead worhip for you". HUH? Start a church. Interesting thought. Wouldn't I have to be old in order to start a church? Just Kidding.

Anyways, this guy has been a great friend over the years. He's the kind of friend who believes in the "brotherhood". I will explain. In Feb., our pipes froze at our house and for 5 days we were without water. We couldn't afford a plumber and I didn't know what to do, I tried to fix it, but it didn't really work so well. So, Chad calls me and he says, man you sound down, what's going on? Well, I told him and then that night at 9:00pm, he shows up at my house, crawls under my house, and spends 2 hours fixing my pipes so my family can have water. Never complains, never asks for anything, nothing. It was unbelievable. This is the same guy who helped me refinish my floors, and he helped me tear out my shower and tile it because we found black mold. He is a great example of a friend and of Christ's servant heart. Man, I am going to miss him.

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