Friday, June 09, 2006

And so it Begins...

Well, I think today is the official start of my season. I won't lie to you, it's been nice having to not travel. Last summer was a killer, but here I am, ready? excited?, well, at least I am here. Just kidding. I get to partner with some great youth ministries and I have been looking forward to this. It's a huge honor and a blessing and I just pray that God would use me.

So, I am at Detroit Metro right now, getting ready to fly to Albany, NY for a weekend retreat.

Then, on Monday night I get to encourage the student ministry adult volunteers of Kensington Church, MI, that will be a BLAST!

Then, Tracie and I get ready to load up the kids for Camp Timber-Lee in East Troy, WI. We get to spend a week out there at the camps Jr. high summer camp and that should be a blast. I haven't ever been there, but I am told it's great. They are also talking to me right now about doing a winter retreat for them in 2007, so that will be a blast!

We get back from WI, have a day off and head up north (Michigan) to a three day summer retreat for Beth. Christian Church.

I get back from there, have a few days off and I am working out some details to head to Houston, TX to speak to the youth group at Lakewood Church. That should be a heck of a experience and a whole lot of fun. Plus, my buddy is the youth pastor and it will be great catching up with him.

I get back from there and then it's off on the Project311 "Summer of Love" tour. Summer Celebration (summer camp for jr. high kids), Matamoros, MX (mission trip for AIM) and then Camp Velocity.

The tour ends, and then I will head back over to Willow Creek to speak to Elevate, their Jr. high. And then one last camp, in the middle of August for a great church in Sterling Heights, MI.

I still can't believe that God has opened up these doors for us to partner with so many great ministries, what a blessing!

Alright, Neat-o, Super-duper. Here we go.

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