Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sweet Mother of a Messed Up Knee

I know my blog isn't super deep like some out there, wait a minute, it's my blog though, oh yeah, so I can post what I want.

So, My knee is not BENDING! That doesn't work well with driving for 5 hours. Man, it burns, It's a Deep Burn and I am not talking about Ron Burgandy doing 1000 curls to work his guns. It's all swollen, it's leaking, and it feels like my flesh is tearing off of my limbs. What a baby I know, but it's crazy. Guess I should of gone to the doctors.


PA said...

I'm no doctor, but it may be time to get that checked out. I did a quick search, it's probably not a wolf spider since they are coastal... but if it's getting worse it may be worth limping to a walk-in clinic or something. Sounds "yummy"

Kurt Johnston said...

Some friends and I were just talking about spider bites and how crazy they can get. I know you are a rough, tough, man's man but it's time to get it looked at.

Pat said...

It's like when Baxtor gets punted off the bridge.... I could feel Ron's pain then, and I can feel your pain now... poor guy