Sunday, June 25, 2006


No other way to describe how I feel tonight. I was supposed to cut the grass today, but after I ran some errands today...sat in traffic and hung out with my parents and brother and Dave Kurt, I got home and said...I will cut the grass in 5 minutes. Then that turned into an hour, then two and now it's 10 O clock. I used to have some high students who use cut our grass when we were on trips, but they are all grown up and past that phase of life. So, hopefully my neighbors don't report me.

To top it off I can't remember what time I am suppose to be at the camp I am speaking at tomorrow. I looked over all my emails from the youth pastor in charge, and I can't find a time. I see on the schedule that there is a morning chapel, but I could never make it in time. The camp actually started tonight, but he wanted me to come out tomorrow. So, I think I will head out mid-morning or after lunch. This camp is talk lite, only 4...yippee. Last week's camp was 11.5, holy cow, that was a lot. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, it's just a lot of time to talk. I used stories that I didn't even remember. Whatever that means. This camp is also Sr. highers, so that's cool. Last week was about 400 jr. highers and I think this camp will be about 70 high schoolers, so that will be cool.

So, I have a bunch of emails to send tonight, including a big one. It's the email I am going to send to the Metro Detroit youth pastor community about us moving to Chicago. I don't think the majority of them will care, but with all the emails I have sent to them, I feel like I should send them one about the future of Project311. So, we'll see. I think I will post it on the blog as well. I think, maybe.


marko said...

you had "high students" mow your lawn? didn't you feel any conviction, as a youth pastor, about using doped-up students to do your yard work?

Jason Raitz said...

You know, we wanted to reach them for Jesus and I was prepared to do whatever it took. Ha, whoops.