Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Quick Post

From Davision, MI. The camp I am speaking at is actually in Otisville, MI, but apparently they don't like technology there. Seriously, how do those people live with cell phone service and wireless internet. So, I drove 25 miles to another town and I am in there public library.

The best part of this camp is my lodging. Now, I have stayed in all sorts of places while on the road. Let me clarify, I am not a "big time, mr. speaker person" that gets a hotel room or at least a room in an actual building on this trip. My room this week is a 4 wheel camper. No JOKE! If you know me, you know I hate camping with a passion and now I am sleeping in a camper. I can't even use the bathroom in there because I don't fit, SERIOUSLY! I want to see somebody who could actually fit, well, not actually see them go to the bathroom, cuz that would be gross, but I want to see someone...AH nevermind, you know what I am talking about.

So, back to camp for some more camper action. Please don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, or am I? Nah, I wouldn't do that. I did get to play softball for 2 hours this morning, how awesome is that.


Sean said...

So I'm guessing that I probably wouldn't fit in the bathroom either? I mean, I'm pretty much your size...but anyway.

Dan Ohlerking said...

dude, i'm telling you, i had a similar "experience" the last time i flew a few weeks ago. the airplane's lavatory (what's up with that name?) was soo small and short i couldn't even stand bent over in any way to safely do what i was in there to do with out knees bent, neck and head turned to the side, hunched over, and very concerned about any hint of turbulence. i bet the designers of bathrooms in planes and rv's have a good old laugh when they are installing these tiny contraptions thinking about guys our size trying to make use of them.

one day, i'm telling you.... i'm gonna meet one of those guys....