Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just got home

Wow, what a day! We have been gone for 7 days and it's good to be home. We decided that Tracie and the kids will stay home for this next camp, just to give the kids a rest. We had a blast at Camp Timber-Lee, but it really took a lot out of the kids. So, my sister-n-law Tammy is going to stay with Tracie while I head out to a camp. I guess I should figure out where I am going on Monday.

We woke up today and loaded up the van and then ate breakfast, and did our last chapel. It was a blast. All the parents were there and the place was electric. The really cool part was that almost all of the students are from the area that we are moving too, so it was cool to talk to lots of kids about the area we will be living in.

Wow, I am tired. We left Camp Timber Lee and drove to my new boss's house and had lunch with his family. It was a blast. We then left and drove to Jackson, MI, picked up Tammy and headed home. The kids are now asleep and now it's time for us to go sleepy.

I have to been Chicago more in the last month, than I have been in the 4 years. We are heading back out there July 5-7 to hopefully find a place to live and I have to fill out a bunch of Human Resource forms for my new position. So, a selfish request: Would you please pray that God will open up a door for the Raitz family to find an affordable rental home? Thanks.

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