Sunday, June 25, 2006

New starting date

Well, looks like instead of starting at Willow August 1st, I will now be starting July 1st. I will just be working from location during July. It's huge for us and I have to start studying for my first talk on August 5/6 and then a talk I am giving for Elevate's summer camp August 7-11 and some other stuff.

When we go back July 5-7, I will get my Wilow email address, and my Willow issued laptop. So, that's cool but the laptop is a PC. Don't get me wrong, the first two churches I worked at I didn't even get a computer, I will just be going through Mac withdrawl. I have to give my ibook back to my former church this Thursday and I am already in mourning. But, hopefully we can save for a MacBook Pro, well, I won't get my hopes up. So, I will have to remember how to use a PC.

So, life is changing and I am so thankful for the unexplainable peace that God has given Tracie and I about all the changes.


marko said...

hey raitz -- nice job spelling "mourning" correctly. i'm impressed, especially for a guy with a girly blog template.

Jason Raitz said...

Thanks, I am trying. But I am having a hard time changing the template, I like it, I really do. Even if it's girly.