Thursday, June 15, 2006

What the Doctor Said

Ok, I went to the doctors and good timing it was. It's been hurting since last week, but I couldn't get to the doctors till today. Over the weekend I was in Albany, NY and then T & W of this week, I was in Chicago, so today I got to the doctors.

They immediately sent me to a Orthopedic Specialist. I thought that was weird, but my doctor was worried the infection on my knee spread to my joint, WHAT!$% I really didn't think it was that bad, but I guess I was wrong. Well, I spent all day in 2 different doctor offices to find out that it didn't spread, but it is a serious infection. I guess I should of noticed that my right leg swelled up to the size of a Georgia bell and my knee was leaking.

Well, they numbed up my knee and sliced of the tip part off, so that was fun. All this from some of kind of bug bite.


Judy Gregory said...

Ugh and ouch on the knee deal!

Congrats on your new Chicago adventure! I couldn't think of a cooler middle school guy to step into that role.

Dave said...

Is a georgia bell some kind of fat southern debutant?

Kurt said...

yeah it sucks to go to the doc's...however its better to know what the problem is and begin to solve it.