Monday, June 12, 2006

I met a miracle this weekend

His name was Sean and he is a walking miracle. Last year he had a stroke. Here's where it gets crazy, he was only 25 and newly married. He was home alone and he just fell over from the stroke. He was unable to move and had to wait 3 hours before his wife got home. They ran a ton of tests on him and finally found a growth on his heart. He got most of his movement back, but he needed open heart surgery to remove the growth, so they started getting ready for the surgery. Well, he had another sort of stroke moment and they rushed him back to the hospital.

Long story short, they ran a ton of tests again and he got better and better. Well, finally they ran a slew of tests again and they couldn't find the growth and he is totally back to normal. It was incredible to hear his story.

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