Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bobby and His Brownie

A few years ago I surprised my family with a chocolate lab puppy. I let my kids name her, and they came up with brownie. Actually their first choice was "door" and I was like creative, but let's keep trying. Then...Brownie emerged and it was a done deal. This dog has been a pain to me and she probably will never measure up to my dog growing up, but she's growing on me.

Her saving grace is how she is with our kids. She is TERRIFIC. She has never barked at them, growled at them, nothing. Bobby is especially loved by brownie. They cuddle all the time together and she will purposely lay down next to him and rest her head on him, it's really cute (I still can't believe I use that word...That's what 3 kids will do to you). Anyways, she is a great family dog and this is brownie and her boy.

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Blake said...

ummm...nice couch.

just wanted to comment and let you know i was here.