Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pet Peeves: Personal

Here is a short list of some of my personal pet peeves:

1. Rude People. I really dislike them, people that treat others like they don't exist, hate it.
2. Rude Fast Food Cashiers. Oh, I hate this! LOOK AT ME, ASK ME WHAT I WANT. ASK ME!
3. Snow. Now, I live in Michigan, shouldn't I love it? NO. I hate snow, ice, black ice, frost, scraping windows, is Snow a pet peeve, well it's mine.
4. People that don't ever have to pay the dues. Have you noticed how some people get everything handed to them and never have to pay their dues. I hate this. I am all about working hard for what you want and not giving up. Paying the Dues.
5. People that don't return emails or phone calls. Now, as I type this I can think of SEVERAL messages I am late in returning, so that's a darn good reminder.
6. DVD's and all those darn previews and all the other crap they put before the movie. I have 3 little kids and when they want to watch a movie, they want to watch it. And I stand there forever waiting to get past all those dumb previews.
7. End of a flight, we pull up to the gate, and everybody gets up and Waits, Waits, Waits, Waits. People look so silly standing up sideways. I don't get it, stay seated, wait till we can move.
8. Expensive food. Don't get me wrong, I would love to take Tracie to Morton's some time, but I hate how expensive Pop, Hot Dogs and such is at the movies and at sports games. WHY?
9. Making a pet peeve list, that's stupid, stop complaining.

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