Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Willow Creek Highlights

This last weekend I had an opportunity to partner with the Jr. High ministry at Willow Creek, Elevate. They invited me to teach at their 3 weekend services and I had the best time. Not only is the Elevate team one of the coolest collections of people I have ever been around, they are incredibly loving. I love the Jr. High Pastor at Willow, Scott Rubin. He is a great leader and an incredible encourager. It was a great blessing being able to teach their students for a weekend.

Highlight # 1...Not crashing on the way there! We had a huge ice storm that morning and it literally took us 8 hours to get there. We must of saw 50 cars off the road, upside down and all over the place.

Highlight # 2...Spending the weekend with Scott Rubin. Probably one of the coolest, most genuine people I know.

Highlight # 3...Getting to hang out with the Elevate team: Scott, Wes, Brandon, Greg, Troy, Courtney, and Aleathea.

Highlight # 4...Encouraging 1000 plus students to Love because God first loved them.

Highlight # 5...Meeting and talking with Daren Whitehead. He is in charge of Axis, an awesome guy.

Highlight # 6...Meeting and talking with Gene Apple, the Senior Pastor. What an awesome person.

Highlight # 7...Running into my former Pastor, Brad Powell and his family. It was a weird moment, they were there on vacation and it was nice talking to them.

So there you have it. Also, Willow blessed us by video taping it so I can finally have a good promotional video for my teaching ministry. Awesome.

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