Saturday, January 14, 2006

Wow, it's on pt. 1

Wow, what a couple of months it's been. I don't think I have ever dealt with stress like I have in the last couple of months. And really, all of the stress revolves around money. It's all money. Our giving has been way down the last couple of months for Project311 and it's created a huge pile of stress for us. Somehow our family has operated without a paycheck since August, it's been tough. We have had some incredible people bless us incredibly with extreme gifts. Like my parents! A day after my wife's birthday (another huge hug as a birthday present) her glasses of 5 years snapped in half. We couldn't believe it, it's not like we can just run out and buy new ones. Well, we made another call to mom and dad, and Tracie got new glasses. That's tough.

For a ministry standpoint, I love what we have been able to do with Project311. I love the guest teaching role I have, I love connecting with youth pastors and encouraging them, and I love planning events. Next week we roll out our first Project311 (e)newsletter, a practical help leadership newsletter for youth workers. I can't wait for that! I also teach for a couple of hundred jr. highers in a few weekends and then February is really filling up. Not only do I have the really cool opportunity to teach 900 or so jr. high students at SpringHill Camp (2.24-26.06, please be praying), I get to partner with one of my old churches, Ward Presbyterian (only worked there for 10 months as an interim youth director) I get to teach their Jr. high on a retreat, and then I get to speak at a lock-in of one my former volunteers and my first intern, Jim Stolt. He is now a youth pastor/worship pastor in Union lake, MI. I think I am also speaking at a South Lyon event, more to come. So, I love the ministry. I do believe that I have been uniquely gifted in the "guest teaching" role. Did I mention I am also working with some churches on how to plan events, I love that.

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