Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Favorite TV shows

My favorite TV shows:

1. Lost...By a land slide, I love everything about it.
1. Smallville...I have loved it since the beginning, I will always love it.
1. Extreme Makeover...I cry every Sunday night, and not a little cry.
2. One Tree Hill... I liked it more in the beginning with all the bball, but still ok.
3. Desperate Housewives...Losing interest.
4. Grey's Anatomy...If hospitals are like that, crazy.
5. Gilmor Girls...Ok, I admit it, I like a chik show.
6. Reba...Come on, good fun.
7. Commander and Chief...Man, getting better.

Favorite News show:

2. ESPN 2
3. Fox Sports News
4. Cold Pizza

Favorite all time TV Shows:

1. Fresh Prince of Belle Aire
2. Quntom Leap (I can't spell)
3. Buck Rogers
4. Smallville


marko said...

reba? REBA??

holy crap, raitz. dude, you need to move down-river. romulus has a home just waitin' for ya.

Sean said...

I'm with you on's been slow this season, but last night gave me a little hope. The only thing that pisses me off about lost is the fact that nobody talks about what happens on the show. The only glimmer of hope that I saw was Jack talking about starting an army...

Extreme Makeover- Good stuff...espescially the episodes with Sweet Alice. Gotta say that Preston and Pauly are my favs. And Paige...uhm, nevermind...

All the other shows sound good...I watch Grey's with Jill and Commander too (nice story about North Korea these past 2 weeks)...

But dude...seriously...REBA? And I'm not too sure about Gilmor Girls and DHW's either...but Reba?


Sean said...

FYI- by "talks about what happens" on Lost, I meant that someone will see the Others in the woods, or Eko will see the monster face to face...and then they come back to the beach and never mention it to one another.

If I were them, and I saw a black swirly mist monster...good luck getting me to shut up.