Saturday, January 28, 2006

Camp Michindoh

Wireless internet at a camp, what is the world coming to. Here's the problem though, I am not very smrt and it took me forever to figure out how to get on the internet, oh well, I am on now.

The whole Raitz family is here at lovely Camp Michindoh, it has taken me almost the entire weekend to be able to pronounce MICH-IND-OH, like it is right by MIchigan, Indiana, and Ohio. I thought that was pretty clever, I originally thought is was MIK-HIN-DOUH, land of "great water walking" but I was wrong.

I am the guest speaker for 6 Jr. high ministries and the camp is going Awesome. I love the youth pastors and I really love the youth volunteers that are here. The students have been great and I am talking about starting a Project311 in their lives to Love God Passionately and to Love Others Selflessly. We laughed a lot last night and this morning and tonight we took it a little more serious and challenged them to Love like Jesus loved and we presented the gospel.

And just for my friend Dave Kurt (Project311 board member and good friend) I told the now becoming famous White Gorilla story, with the added "Gorillaoligist" segment, nice. The kids loved it and they have been talking about that all day.

Another big highlight was the fact that my good friend Zack Barker and his friend Drew came up to see us. I always love seeing Zack and it was great to meet his friend. I first met Zack in 1999 when he was a high school sophmore in the youth group I was the pastor of. I will also post pictures of the Raitz family in action at camp.

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