Friday, January 13, 2006

The start of the end 5

Man, I slept in this morning and missed my workout with the guys. I feel horrible! I could not get up.

It's been an incredibly stressful couple of months and it's really taking it's toll. And last night Tracie and I went to Sandy Richert's funeral, wow. She was amazing and I Rolly, Sandy's wife means so much to me.

So, all that and I missed my workout. Now, I will drive Bekah to school and then go workout at Bally's.

I did see some friends last night that I haven't seen in awhile: Marko, Tic, Alex (from YS), Jenni Knowles, Kevin Parkyn, Tom & Kara, and many more.


Sean said...

Hey bro, I had no idea you were there! I totally missed you.

I had been feeling sick (slept about 3 hours the night before), and that combined with the flight, and the emotion of Sandy's celebration just really drained me.

Anyway...would have loved to hook up, but we'll hook it up soon!

Love the blog!


The Oregonian said...

Don't be so hard on yourself with the workout stuff! Just do it when you can, that's better than doing nothing.

That really makes me sad to hear Sandy is gone...I'm sure Rolly is having a really tough time with it...I remember him lighting up as he talked about her in class. I pray I find a woman like that in my life.