Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The start of the end pt. 2

It was AWESOME. Pants fit, nothing was tight, except my batman uniform! Fast forward to 2004. Right after Christmas my back went out, I have always have a bad back, hit by a car when I was younger and it just has always hurt. Well, this time, I couldn't move. Literally laid on my back for weeks, and I pudged up pretty good. I think hit 245. Wow, that's heavy for someone whose 5'4. Well, I did something about it and I joined the Fad diet club that is Atkins. Over night I gave up my beloved Coke. I love Coke and I would normally drink maybe a 2 liter a day, wow, unheathly. I had a friggin headache for a month, but I did it. NO sugar, no Carbs, no nothing. Lots of meat and veggies. Well, on June 1, I weighed in at 199!

I went from 245 to 199. It was hard, but I felt great! Pants fit, I had a new confidence and my back felt great. Well, the bad news is I have gained back 22 pounds. I did that through that stress eating and not taking care of myself in 2005, which by the way, I have nominated as the hardest year of my life. Will blog a lot about 2005 in the next couple of weeks.

So, this morning I joined a group of men at 6am to work out. We work out with this amazing trainer, he's a former trainer of the Detroit Red Wings, maybe you have heard of that club? Well, I can barely move my legs. We didn't even lift weights, run, nothing and I still hurt. So, this is the START of the END of my Belly. 2006 is the year that I am going to loose my belly through healthy living. Drinking lots of water, eating in proportions, and working out.

So, all that to say. Keep tuned in, I will keep a belly meter on my blog.

I am also going to start posting daily, so I am very excited about that. I have been reading blogs for a few months now and have learned a lot and I am ready to go.

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