Sunday, March 05, 2006

The First Night

Tonight was my first night with the student ministry from 2|42 Community Church. We call the Sunday night gathering of Jr. and Sr. high students Elevate, and we meet from 7:07-8:30pm.

It was a BLAST! We get to meet in this Fitness factory, so we have 2 basketball courts we can use and so much other space. We had a lot more kids than I thought we would, I think we had somewhere in the 30's, it was crazy fun.

Some of you know this about me, but I have really worked hard the last couple of years at remembering kids names. My first 5-6 years in ministry, I was horrible with names and never could remember kids names. Then I started working at a church where we had hundreds of kids in our ministry and it drove me crazy that I didn't even know half of their names. So, I started reading everything I could on memory tips and memory games. 3-4 years of hard work, I can now memorize a kids name, what school they go to and their grade all in one night. So tonight in about 25 minutes of hang out time, I learned every kids name and started our program off by going around the room and introducing everybody to each other, it was fun and it only took a few minutes. It used to take forever, now it's pretty quick. It's almost like it's become a digital camera for me.

So, tonight went well. I talked about 1 John 3:11, one of my favorite verses. We did some worship, some games and then we hung out, lot's of fun. It was sweet and I really enjoyed it. It was really fun sitting around before it started talking with a bunch of the guys, too much fun.

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Dave said...

I thought you didn't like hanging out with kids?